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Moving Company Websites

Get a beautiful website for your moving company in 3 weeks.

Become THAT company that everyone knows and loves!

Creating an eye-catching moving company website that attracts the right crowd isn’t easy, maintaining it with full functionality can be a lot harder. Movergeek will not only build a beautiful website to elevate your brand, but will use SEO Optimization so your page will never be overlooked by a potential customer. Our team of web experts are always updating sites to give you the most recent technology and advancements. Stand out with Movergeek and let us help you be the hottest site in the business.

MoverGeek websites

Get a beautifully designed fully managed website for your moving company in 3 weeks with Movergeek.


What’s included in my moving company website?

Fully Responsive

We build fully responsive mobile friendly sites that look great on both large and small screens. Since more than half of today's internet traffic stem from mobile users, this means more leads, traffic and improved search engine rankings.

SEO Optimized

We apply a balanced natural approach to Search engine optimization (SEO) that starts organically by optimizing all your pages so they will rank based on the services your provide in the areas you provide them.

Beautiful Design

First impressions matter, and the right website design changes how your customers see you. Our creative team gives each client a unique website that boosts their brand and makes them want to flaunt it to everyone they know.

Awesome Widgets

A variety of effective widgets to automate and boost your moving business. From CRM and social integrations to online chat and effective lead capture forms. Quickly implement the tools you need and skip the ones you don’t.

Fully Managed

Movergeek’s fully-managed hosting handles all updates and all around technical maintenance of your website. With Movergeek, you can sit back and relax knowing that your site is being actively maintained by our experienced hosting professionals.

Top-notch Security

We maintain highly specialized protocols to address your websites security. We keep track of any vulnerabilities by proactively writing custom patches and rules to our WAF, inhibiting potential third-party vulnerabilities leaving you with a clear mind knowing your site is in good hands.

Expert Support

Our customer support team assists you from the very beginning. We believe building strong relationships is integral to doing good business. We are equipped to handle and resolve any issue that comes their way at lightning speed (okay, maybe not that fast, but you get what we mean).

Incredible Speed

Our platform is built on a solid foundation to provide incredibly fast hosting. Powerful hardware and the latest software protocols are coupled with speed boosting and caching engines to deliver a reliable and exceptional user experience for you and your clients.

Get movin’ today with Movergeek’s fully managed web hosting!